We are aiming to be the leading company in the technology of Stainless-Steel  kitchen supply by developing eco-friendly  and cost-effective  kitchen products.


We provide you with Stainless-Steel products/supplies, ranging from kitchen furniture, gas or electrical stoves, washing furnitures, trolleys, refrigerators, ovens and so many more.

You can use these to compliment your own kitchen or if you want to start something new.

Custom Stainless-Steel

We understand that every kitchen has a different and unique needs, depends on their individual methods.

We already serving more than 100 of these requests from restaurants and establishments in Indonesia and that has put us in a position where we can offer some customized options in our kitchen ranges and products.

3D Drawing and Design

Our team of experts are also specialize in finding the right solution for your kitchen or any interior design solution.

We also provide the 3D drawing and interior design to help you planning and visualizing your own interior designs, and hopefully together we could brings your dream kitchen or any room you want into reality.

Interested to build a career with us?

Let’s create a stainless world together!