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We are aiming to be the leading company in the technology of Stainless-Steel  kitchen supply by developing eco-friendly  and cost-effective  kitchen products.

A sleek, modern, and functional heavy-duty gas ranges, from Stainless-Steel.

Chefs usually prefer gas ranges because heat output can be greater and easier to control. Our gas ranges will suit the needs of every kitchen from kwali/wok for asian restaurant, griddle for diner or stands, even open burners, which are cheaper and more efficient.

Available in many size, and we are offering customization to suit your kitchen needs. All our gas range are equipped with Our Special Burners and made in Stainless-Steel.

Electric kitchen equipment is a basic need that is operated by everyone. They are used to complete basic kitchen tasks and complete time-consuming jobs in a relatively easier and faster way.

These electrical appliances are not only durable and very practical, they are also designed in such a way that they fit into the kitchen space effectively.

There are a variety of kitchen utensils available to suit different needs. Switching to this can make your kitchen work even easier.

Boldly designed kitchen equipment and furniture to create a premium, exclusive looks inside your own kitchen.

We manufactures Stainless-Steel equipment and furniture, such as cabinets and countertops, work table, sinks and trolley for residential, commercial or institutional use.

Stainless-Steel is not only practical, it’s also extremely versatile, strong, durable and easy to keep clean. Our equipment and furniture are available in Standard and Custom sizes.

We pride ourselves on the quality of design and premium materials used in our cabinets and other products.

Induction cooking is performed using direct induction heating of cooking vessels, rather than relying on indirect radiation, convection, or thermal conduction.

Induction cooking allows high power and very rapid increases in temperature to be achieved, and changes in heat settings are instantaneous.

We can see that induction system is really a positive development in cooking industrial. With this new products, we hope cooking industries will growing and keep creating new dishes. And also, don’t forget the design of this induction range is simple, clean and elegance, that will make the develop more creatives ideas in cooking.

JCooK Induction Range can be used in many industries such as restaurants, hotels, catering or even at home. The installation is also easy and saving more time. With JcooK Induction system, cooking industries will raise to another new level.




FHA HoReCa 2022 Singapore Expo, 25-28 Oct 2022

We Are Back to FHA HoReCa 2022 Singapore Expo We are back to FHA HoReCa Expo 2022 at Singapore 25-28 October 2022, Visit us at Hall D - 4A1-01. FHA HoReCa is the world's leading food service & hospitality event in Asia, In this event, we don't want to miss showing our products to you. In ... continue reading

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Made in High Quality Stainless-Steel

Every Products of ACP-Kitchen is made of high quality Stainless-steel

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To always grow and be the best

ACP-Kitchen will always follow the needs of kitchen, research and developing the quality to match the current needs and satisfaction

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ACP-Kitchen fully committed to perform as the best to satisfy the need of the kitchen before as well as after the sales.